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Aimee Garnett

21 year old aspiring writer/marathon runner/princess.

(Fingers crossed that one day I will achieve all three of these things!)

So, in typical Aimee style, I decided to enter the London Marathon whilst in my final year of university. Being someone who can sometimes struggle with time-management (even though I love to make plans, I never manage to keep to any sort of schedule), I feel like I am taking on a massive challenge.

My blog is basically me talking about my life as I try to juggle training 6 days a week, writing a 10,000 word dissertation (eek!) and have some sort of social life! It will hopefully be quite chatty, as I’m planning on using this blog as a way of venting, and just trying to collect all of my thoughts into some sort of order!

As well as just running the marathon, I’m also raising money for Alzheimers Society and Great Ormond Street Hospital. If you’d like to donate, please visit my fundraising page.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope you enjoy reading!

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