6 days, 14 hours and 10 minutes to go!

7 days to Race Day!

As you can probably tell, my plan to blog more in the lead up to the marathon has totally failed, because it’s been 2 weeks since I last posted. To be fair to myself, I do have a pretty good excuse, because in that time I have handed in two 2000 word essays, passed my driving test and been maniacally writing my dissertation (which is due in exactly a month now – cue total meltdown). So this post is just a quick catch up on the past 2 weeks, before my main post next week which is going to talk about what I’ve learned over the past few months. I’m thinking of calling it ‘My Marathon Journey’, or something cheesey like that.

So, during my little blogging hiatus, I finished the most intense part of my training plan, and did the longest run I have ever done in my entire life. You’re never supposed to actually run 26 miles before the marathon, so I had a look at a few training plans, and the general consensus was that about 3 weeks before the marathon, you should do a 20 mile run. I had a bit of a nightmare with mine though, as I left my Garmin at home after the Easter holidays, so had to use the Nike run app. I know lots of people use this, and I’d heard good things so I wasn’t that fussed. That was until it just shut itself off mid run, so I ended up running for over 2 miles without it recording anything! I was so annoyed by this, because it meant that I couldn’t work out my average pace properly, and I’m still not sure exactly how far I ran because I had to factor in the fact that I’d ran for ages without it doing anything.

First world problems aside (I’m aware that I sound like a bit of an idiot complaining that I couldn’t use my £100 watch and had to use an app on my iPhone instead – don’t judge me), this run actually went pretty well. I practised using an Energy Gel sachet, as I know I’m going to have to use one during the race or my legs will be very weak and wobbly. It worked surprisingly well, as I felt better after this run than I had in all my long runs previously, despite it being the furthest. I’m not gonna lie, the gel doesn’t taste very nice and it made my hands really sticky, but I definitely felt so much better at the end of the run, and didn’t feel like I was going to collapse walking up all the stairs to my flat. 


Today I did my last long run before the marathon. Because it’s exactly a week away I only had to do 9/10 miles. That’s right, I actually used the word ‘only’. Before I started training I never would have thought I’d use the phrase ‘only 9 miles’, seeing as my first time running 6 miles was hard! But after the super long run a couple of weeks before, 9 miles really didn’t feel that far, and when I finished all I thought was that 2 weeks ago I wouldn’t have even been halfway. This thought made me feel slightly ill though, as I remembered that I do actually have to run 26.2 miles next Sunday!

With a week to go, here are my 3 positive running thoughts:

  1. I’ve improved enough that I can actually refer to 9 miles as ‘not really that far’.
  2. I’ve completed the longest run that I’ve ever done in my life (so far), and didn’t feel as terrible afterwards as I thought I would.
  3. I’ve managed to commit to nearly 4 months of training, alongside finishing a degree and doing what seems like thousands of other things. For someone that struggles with time management, I’m pretty impressed with myself. 

Love and kisses,



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