Why did I run up Leigh Steps?

37 days to Race Day!

I know I basically forgot about my blog for a couple of weeks, but now I am actually going to try to post more regular updates, especially as it’s less than 6 weeks until the marathon! The time has gone so fast, and it’s slightly freaking me out as once the marathon is over it’s only 3 weeks until my dissertation deadline (cue total meltdown because I’ve written about 700 words out of 10,000). My whole last term at uni just seems to be racing by while I struggle to keep up.

Mental breakdowns and freakouts aside, last week I decided to switch up my long run a bit. As someone that gets bored very easy, I find that if I’m running for more than about an hour and a half, I start to really struggle with boredom. Honestly I think that I find the boredom more difficult than the actual running part. Obviously you’re probably thinking that it was a stupid idea for me to enter a marathon that will at my absolute best take at least three and a half to four hours to run, when I have the attention span of a small child. I was worried about this too for a bit and then I realised that in a race situation it will be totally different. There will be thousands of other runners and spectators which will make it way more exciting and I think the atmosphere will make it more interesting (I’m hoping anyway). I’ve also heard that some people listen to audiobooks while they run, so I’m going to give this a try as hopefully I can kill two birds with one stone and get some uni reading done while I’m training.

So, last week, instead of just running 15 miles in one go, I thought it would be a good idea to run the 5 miles from my house to Leigh steps and then run up and down them 5 times before running back. This was really not a good idea. For anyone that doesn’t live near me, Leigh steps are basically a set of steps (duh) built on the side of one of the huge cliffs along the seafront. Pictures do not do these steps justice, I promise you they are way steeper than they look in my photo! Walking up those steps once is hard enough, but running them 5 times was torture. Halfway up my first rep, my legs turned to jelly which was when I realised I had made a terrible mistake. I feel like it was a really good workout though, and running along a flat surface a couple of days later honestly felt like a breeze.

I haven’t decided whether I will do the steps again while I’m at home for Easter, but I think I probably will. I’ve come to the realisation that I am probably fit enough to run the marathon, but I don’t think my muscles are strong enough yet to carry me the whole way. So over the next few weeks I will be trying to fit in some strength work alongside my 4 runs per week. I don’t really know how I will find the time to do this with all my uni work and having to go to work as well but that’s a problem for another day!

So my positive things for this week are:

  1. I’ve rediscovered my blog, and am going to commit myself to make regular updates as the marathon draws closer.
  2. I’ve found a way to make my runs a bit more interesting by adding in some strength work halfway through.
  3. Even though I didn’t start running to lose weight, I’ve definitely noticed a change in my body and am feeling more comfortable in myself. (Look out for some before and after pictures a bit closer to race day!)

Love and kisses,




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