Getting attacked by deer in Richmond Park

45 days to Race Day

Ok, so the title of this post is a bit of an exaggeration, because I haven’t actually been physically attacked by a deer but I have been totally scared by them a few times! I also wrote this post a little while ago but have been so busy at uni recently that I haven’t had a chance to edit it and post it til now. I almost forgot I actually had a blog, it’s been that long.

Crossing over the bridge at Richmond

So basically, for a while now I’ve been doing my long runs at Richmond Park. It works quite well for me as it’s only 2 miles from my flat, and if you run all the way round the edge it’s about 7 miles. Richmond Park is quite famous for having a lot of deer in it, you’ve probably seen the viral youtube video where a dog called Fenton goes chasing after a whole bunch of them. If you haven’t, you need to watch it as it’s pretty hilarious!  The thing is, they’re not all spread over the whole park but they seem to all congregate in tiny areas, so you can go a whole run without seeing them. On my first long run back after I injured myself, I did 11.5 miles at about 8.30/mile pace (yay me!), and I was over halfway in when I encountered one. Richmond Park is pretty hilly, and obviously this was my first long run after a week off so I was definitely struggling, and when I’m tired I tend to just look at the ground and try to breathe in time with my steps. Because I was doing this, I wasn’t really concentrating on what was going on around me until what I thought was a log just stood up literally right as I was running past it! Obviously this surprised the hell out of me and I kind of jumped sideways and swore a little bit. Apparently some guy who was riding past on a bike found this really funny, and nearly fell off his bike laughing at me. Not really what you need on your first long run in over a week and a half! But, once I’d finished the run, and recovered after laying on my bedroom floor for about 15 minutes, I saw the funny side and had a little laugh at myself.

Because it’s been a couple of weeks I’m going to end this post with five positive things instead of three (I know, really pushing the boat out).

  1. I recovered from my injury and it didn’t have too much of an effect on my training.
  2. I’ve discovered that I actually find myself wanting to run further and faster even on my ‘easy runs’.
  3. I’ve been running different routes to make my runs a bit more interesting, and this really helps when I start to get a bit bored when I’m about 8 miles in.
  4. I’m now halfway through my 16 week training programme and I can honestly say that I can see a big difference in my fitness levels from a few weeks ago.
  5. My grandparents bought me those leggings from Victoria’s Secret, and they make me really happy when I run in them (not sure if that counts as a positive training thing but oh well!)


Hopefully I won’t leave it as long again before my next post!

Love and kisses,




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