57 thoughts I have whilst running

68 days to Race Day

This post is just a bit of fun, I just decided to write down all the thoughts I had whilst out on a 40 minute run. Enjoy!

1.Why do I do this to myself?
2.Oh my god it’s cold.
3. It’s ok you’ll warm up when you start running.
4. That is if your Garmin ever locates itself.
5. Come on the bar is full what are you doing?
6. Ok it’s ready lets go.
7. My legs hurt already.
8. And I’m already out of breath.
9. Seriously why am I doing this?
10. I hate running.
11. Why do cars always just appear when I have to cross a road?
12. Please don’t look at me, just keep moving.
13. Why are you crazy people outside on a day like this?
14. What sort of person just goes for a walk along the river in the freezing cold?
15. They’re probably thinking the same thing about me tbh.
16. Oh look a dog!
17. Can I stop and stroke it?
18. No no keep going or you’ll be there all day.
19. Omg it’s running alongside me that the cutest thing ever.
20. Bye bye doggy.
21. How far have I run?
22. 1.6 miles are you joking?
23. I feel like I’ve been running for hours!
24. What do I do when I pass another runner?
25. Do I smile? Nod? Wave?
26. Nope head down and pretend I’m invisible.
27. How do all these other runners make it look so effortless?
28. Seriously he’s just bounding along twice as fast as me.
29. I’ll just carry on plodding along.
30. What happens if I try to breathe in time with my steps?
31. Step. Breathe. Step. Breathe.
32. Ok I’m bored of that now.
33. What can I have to eat when I get back?
34. If I run quickly I can have a pre lunch snack.
35. Yeah then I’ll shower and then have lunch.
36. Ok I’m over halfway.
37. That means I’ve got less to run than I’ve already done.
38. Hey that rhymes.
39. Does it even make sense though?
40. I don’t know.
41. I can’t think straight when I’m running.
42. Too busy trying to concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other.
43. Oh great a whole bunch of school children.
44. Yeah that’s fine take up the whole of the pavement.
45. I’ll just weave through all of you.
46. Why do I do this to myself?
47. Running is so hard.
48. Ok I’m nearly back and I’ve still got 5 minutes left.
49. Running round the block it is.
50. I wonder if people are watching me and wondering why I’m now just running round in circles.
51. As soon as that time hits 40 minutes I am stopping.
52. 5…4…3…2…1 STOP!
53. Now I just have to climb up all this stairs to my flat.
54. I think I might literally be dying.
55. Actually that wasn’t really that bad.
56. I am an incredible athlete.
57. 26 miles, I could do that in my sleep.

Love and kisses



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