1 week down, 15 to go

101 days to Race Day

Week 1 total mileage – 15.83 miles

This post really should have gone up a couple of days ago, but I was busy with moving back to uni, and before I knew it I was already a couple of runs into my second week of training. So, this post is about the week starting the 4th of January to Sunday the 10th.

I always knew this week was going to be a struggle, as not only was it my first week of marathon training, but it was also the first full week of January. Lets just say that I may have a little too much to eat and drink over the Christmas period, so I am definitely not in the best shape right now! (Although I think it’s acceptable – you’re allowed to eat and get drunk all the time over Christmas , especially if it’s also your 21st birthday halfway between Christmas and New Years Eve!)

I would say that the first two of my runs were the hardest, even though they were only supposed to be ‘easy 30 minute runs’. I could definitely feel all the food I’d eaten over the past couple of weeks weighing me down. Towards the end of the week though it did get easier, and even though I’m only a week into my training, I can already see an improvement in my fitness. This is really encouraging, as I wasn’t expecting to notice an improvement so quickly, and I really hope that I can continue to improve over the next 15 weeks! (On a side note, I hadn’t realised my Garmin keeps a record of your fastest mile/fastest 5k/longest run etc, so it was a nice surprise that it kept telling me that I’d set a new record at the end of each run!)

On the very cold and rainy Sunday I completed my first ‘long run’, running 6 miles in 57 minutes. Even though this isn’t a fast as it could be, my pace per mile was actually faster than in my 30 minute runs earlier in the week, despite me running twice the distance. In spite of the horrible weather, I actually kind of  enjoyed this run, and felt a sense of achievement when I’d finished as I hadn’t run that far in one go in a long time! I also got to run the majority of it along the seafront, which made it more enjoyable even if it was really windy.

So that’s a quick rundown of my very first week of training! Just in case you wanted to know, I’ve been using a mixture of the Bupa intermediate marathon plan and the official Virgin Money London Marathon plan for my training.

Thanks for reading, and if anyone else is currently in training, I hope it’s going well!

Love and kisses





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