Garmin Forerunner Review

105 days to Race Day


Today’s post is kind of a product review, kind of just me gushing about one of my birthday presents. I turned 21 just under two weeks ago, and my main present from my parents was a Garmin Forerunner watch. It might seem a little sad, but I was so excited to receive this, as I had wanted one ever since I used to run competitively at school!

Because Garmin watches use GPS, they tell you exactly how far you’ve run, and also your average pace per mile. This is so useful as I always really struggled with knowing exactly how far I was running. It also means I can track my improvement over the next few months, as hopefully my average time per mile should get better! My watch is also a really pretty turquoise blue, which means I really enjoy wearing it.



This picture is taken from my very first run this year, so ignore how unfit I am!

  • Time – 30 minutes 26 seconds
  • Distance – 3.10 miles
  • Average pace – 9 mins 46 secs per mile
  • Calories burnt – 246




Even though these watches are pretty pricey, I would definitely recommend getting one. If you are serious about running/getting fit they are absolutely worth the price as they are super useful. Considering I’m running 5-6 days a week, I can safely say that I am getting my moneys worth!

I feel like this might have been a boring post, but I really do think that this watch will be a great help in my training!

Love and kisses



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